9 Ways AI (Artificial Intelligence) is benefitting the Hospitality Industry

With great hospitality comes in guest loyalty and with guest loyalty comes in good recommendations, which ultimately leads to greater revenues.

It is easy for larger chains to have more customer & performance data which they can use, but the mid-sized to smaller operators usually have a tough time with maximizing reputation, revenue and customer experience.

Artificial intelligence is here to change it all..!

With its ability to streamline processes, provide valuable insights and optimize experiences, AI is driving the new wave of responsive, guest-centric hospitality for super big, big, small, all types of hospitality businesses.

Here are just some of the ways AI is reshaping hospitality as we know it.

1. Personalization

Artificial Intelligence levels the playing field for all types of hospitality businesses. It is able to identify the personal touches that can pull people to your hotel, which then helps in providing a tailored experience to the individual. Hotels can also use artificial intelligence to personalize their rewards program, not just for what to offer, but for who to include.

2. Room Occupancy and Rate Optimization

Artificial Intelligence can gather data from multiple sources of information to give your hotel business greater detail into the hotel occupancy patterns of your area. This will help you to adjust your pricing from day to day, season to season. Plus, with greater awareness of the impact of particular events or calendar dates, you can easily adjust your marketing efforts to maximize room occupancy.

3. Room Booking and Staff Interaction

AI-fueled chatbots when integrated into your website can reduce the friction of people dropping off from individual hotel websites while providing a personalized experience. The best part? Your guests will be able to place their room service requests to your AI, thus freeing up your staff.

4. Updates and Maintenance

Artificial Intelligence uses occupancy data, guest feedback and self-reported guest data to understand which upgrades or repairs in the hotel rooms to implement first. It can also predictively recognise patterns to highlight potential issues before they arise.

5. Reputation Management

Artificial Intelligence has the ability to parse reviews and social-media posts quickly, and at scale to give hotels insight into what people are saying about the business, allowing you to respond. Feedback, both positive and negative, can be dealt with easily.

6. Informing Competitive Intelligence

Artificial Intelligence can parse hospitality related databases to provide context that can help drive the future direction of your business. Mapping of population density data against hotel availability data can identify areas where demand is exceeding availability. This data can power the next expansion decision. Likewise, demographics data can tell which amenities are in demand to include in the hotel.

7. In-Person Customer Service

Artificial intelligence is able to deal with basic customer-facing situations. The best example of AI is a robot called ‘Connie’, adopted by Hilton. The robot is able to provide tourist information to customers who interact with it. Most impressively, it is able to learn from human speech and adapt to individuals. Ultimately, this means the more customers speak to it, the better it will get.

8. Chatbots and Messaging

AI is extremely effective when it comes to direct messaging and online chat services, responding to simple questions or requests. Almost instantaneous responses can be given 24 hours a day, seven days a week which is almost impossible to maintain with human-to-human interaction.

9. Data Analysis

Artificial Intelligence can be used to quickly sort through large amounts of data and draw important conclusions about customers, or potential customers. You can sort through data collected via surveys, online reviews etc. and the AI will then analyse this to draw conclusions about overall performance.

These were the 9 ways, Pragmatic Voice thinks artificial intelligence will benefit the hospitality industry. AI is working far beyond imagination for hotel systems, a breakthrough we all have been anxiously awaiting.

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