How Amazon Alexa Can Get You Excellent Hotel Reviews On TripAdvisor?

When it comes to achieving high online reputation and high sales, hotels admire Trip Advisor as a great resource. The reviews on TripAdvisor proves to be the biggest sales booster for hotels. In fact, more than 98% of travelers rely on TripAdvisor reviews when selecting hotels.

So, it all makes clear that you need to gain quality reviews on TripAdvisor as a hotel business manager. For that, you need to present your hotel amenities in a unique way and allow your guests to experience a stay that they have never experienced before.

And Amazon Alexa can help you do that.

But before you talk about that, let’s discuss the factors that help you obtain high ratings, reviews, and rankings on TripAdvisor.

Factors that you need to conquer for high-quality TripAdvisor reviews

When looking at reviews as your goal, you need to focus on three major factors. These factors include:

  • Review quality
  • Review quantity and,
  • Review recency

The quality of the reviews on Trip Advisor will tell you effective you are in improving the experience for your guests.

The quantity of the reviews is simply the number of reviews you achieve on Trip Advisor.

And finally, the recency of the reviews is how recently you have achieved reviews from your customers.

Combining all three, you can obtain a clear picture of the reviews and rankings.

Installing Alexa in hotel rooms can help improve your TripAdvisor rankings

With the ability to offer personal assistance, Amazon Alexa can become the differentiator you are looking for. Installing in hotel rooms, Alexa can deliver guest-experience like never before. As a result, you can offer multiple benefits to your guests and receive improved ratings on TripAdvisor.

1. Alexa works as an infotainment system

Installed in your hotel rooms, Alexa can become a great source of infotainment for your guests. Understanding the conversation, the system can offer valuable information to guests. As a result, your guests can ask Alexa about amenities, activities and other facilities you provide in your hotel. They don’t have to ask for reception’s help every time they want to know anything.

2. Alexa improves the security levels in your hotel rooms

The system installed in a room can also work as an emergency alarm. The system allows the guests to use the emergency alarm system anytime. This surely improves the security assurance of every room you provide to your guests. They can get the quickest assistance whenever they feel the need.

3. Alexa is easily controllable

One challenge that hotel owners face with Alexa is the privacy concerns. Alexa uses the conversations to provide assistance. This means, that the system listens to everything that is being said in a room. However, the controllability of Alexa makes this challenge a very small factor. You can allow your guests to switch it off whenever they need complete privacy.

Improving the user experience in your hotel rooms will directly affect the reviews quality, quantity and recency as well. As a result, you will start getting higher ratings on Trip Advisor.

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