Why Pragmatic Voice as the Alexa Skill Development Company of your Choice?


We as the Alexa skill development company offering bespoke Alexa skill development help you excel in your journey to voice-assistant market quickly. We build skills that make Alexa smarter, improve customer experience and enable you to connect with various devices like Amazon Echo family, Fire TV and other IoT devices.

Our Alexa Skills Development Services

Custom Skill Development
Create natural and engaging voice experiences, with custom-built Alexa interaction models, using our expertise in Amazon Alexa skill development.

Mobile App Integration
Integrate Android or iOS apps with your Alexa-enabled device, to access Alexa Voice Services (AVS) and to add intelligent voice control to your mobile app.

Integration With Third-Party Systems
Enable voice-driven management of business operations that pulls live data from your installed systems, with the integration of Alexa skills.

Alexa Skill Testing
Ensure a bug-free delivery of Alexa skills, with our rigorous testing of skill functionality, including progressive responses, dialogs and entity resolution.

With the Amazon Alexa support for multiple languages and countries, we provide region-specific services to you for expanding your user base and potential customers.

Technical Expertise
Hire dedicated Alexa skill developers having expertise in voice assistant technologies and programming languages like Node.JS, Javascript and Lambda.

Reusable Components
Our library of reusable components allows us to efficiently create software systems from existing software artifacts rather than building software systems from scratch. Our R&D team has developed numerous decoupled components exhibiting specific features that can be used across projects, thus improving overall software quality, reducing software development costs and time to market.

Agile Development
Pragmatic Voice has embraced a proven agile development methodology and DevOps deployment to reduce risk and deliver robust applications for our clients. Our DevOps process advocates thinking of the infrastructure as part of the application and allows for a more rapid and reliable software release cycles.

Cross Functional Teams
Our cross-functional teams include engineers with expertise in different aspects of SDLC, such as business analysts, UI/UX experts, developers, database engineers, testers, etc. who work in collaboration with each other to eliminate developmental hassles.

Astute experience in Alexa Skills Development
Pragmatic Voice roofs a team of 25+ Alexa software and voice-app developers having expertise in developing more than 20 Alexa-enabled applications. Our engineers are well versed with frontend, backend and server side technologies such as Javascript, HTML and Node.JS, and can handle your entire Alexa skills development life-cycle with highest level of quality and efficiency.


Our Alexa Skill Development Approach

We follow engineering best practices and Agile principles to ensure quick turnaround & bug-free delivery of products

  • Clearly defined user stories
  • Sprint Planning
  • Test driven development
  • Daily scrum meetings
    • Mid sprint and end sprint demos
    • Scrum velocity optimization
    • Weekly backlog review and planning
    • Regular project management through Agile-centric project management softwareWe leverage DevOps approach to automate, optimize and monitor project delivery pipeline & quality.
  • Continuous integration, deployment and delivery
  • Deployment automation via pipelines
  • Continuous and iterative development
  • Cloud native CI/CD
  • Test automation (Unit, UI, Acceptance)
    • Configuration management
    • Infrastructure as a code
    • Microservices architecture augmentation
    • Application release automation
    • Monitoring and feedback automation


Think about this before Choosing an Alexa Skill Development Company –

You, as a business owner, should evaluate all aspects of a project, but take your time to look at the following points which will help you analyse the most credible Alexa skill development company.


Understand your Need to Develop an Alexa Skill

This is the first point to consider every time before looking for an Alexa skill development company. If you want to choose the best, you have to understand what exactly you want. As a business, you have to identify your business needs by evaluating the problems and analysing possible solutions. On the basis of the nature of your project, the requirements, and probable solutions, choose an Alexa skill development company.


Check an Alexa skill development company’s Technical Expertise & Passion for Technology

The next step is to gather information about the Alexa skill development company, their skill set, the expertise of their employees, exposure to latest technology, portfolio, experience in handling complex projects, the effectiveness of communication, approach towards business challenges, adherence to deadlines, and most importantly passion towards building a technological revolution.

Always look for an Alexa skill development company who will provide the right person to manage your account. It’s always good to talk with a developer who works on your project. It is always good to go for a team who follow agile or hybrid development models. While communicating with an Alexa skill development company, try to understand how they work and how serious they are. Remember, never go for a vendor who doesn’t have access to latest technologies.


Is the Alexa skill development company Customer Centric?

There is always an element in business which is not limited to a contract. We need to consider the human behavior part in technology transaction. Even if the Alexa skill development company is rich with superior tech solutions and expertise, customer service is something which can’t be ignored. If the Alexa skill development company is not customer centric, the business relationship will get affected and result in release delays. There are vendors in the business, who want to make some quick money and have short term business goals. Association with these kind of Alexa skill development companies could be a disaster for your business.


Check the Alexa skill development company’s Market Reputation

Would you like to work with a team who are not polite or professional? No, no one wants. Do you know before signing the contract, how scalable their solutions are? You should know that. Do you have any idea about the level of their flexibility to face difficult business challenges? These are very important questions to ask yourself. Before signing the agreement paper with an Alexa skill development company, check once the market reputation.

Look at the Alexa skill development company’s client base and delivered project history. Search for client testimonials and reviews either on their website or social media channels. To go a little forward, you can connect with one of their clients on social media and can take their opinion.

Consider all these and ask yourself whether you want to hire the Alexa skill development company or not. After considering all the pros and cons, you can analyse what cons you can ignore in order to achieve better pros of the company which can align with your business requirements.


Budget & Size of your Project

These are two very important factors before considering an Alexa skill development company for your company. Let’s start with the size of your project. The point to remember is not all Alexa skill development companies undertake any size of software development projects. There are Alexa skill development companies who only go for long term projects where they can keep on innovating technological solutions.

But, there are various small to medium scale companies who can take projects of any size & offer any particular solution. Before approaching an Alexa skill development company, ask yourself whether your project is small, medium or large. And accordingly, you can shortlist possible vendors.

The next factor to be considered is the price factor. If technological expertise is important, the cost is equally important. Sometimes we expect too much as compared to our budget. Before approaching an Alexa skill development company, we need to consider what the budget for the project is and how much ROI we can get from this.

Never compromise on the quality part for lower cost. There are vendors who always put hidden charges excluding the project cost. Try to ignore those vendors who put an additional charge on everything. Yes, there are few extra minimal costs like maintenance, support as a part of the project.


Have a Look at the Alexa skill development company’s Software Development Model

In today’s fast-paced business environment, enterprises need to continuously accommodate to the changing market conditions. If you want to stay competitive in the market, you have to turn towards agile development methods. Agile development models are highly collaborative and provide quick results.

Alexa skill development company with flexible open delivery models are agile enough to adapt to the rapidly changing technologies. Always choose an Alexa skill development company who follows the agile delivery model and finds it easy to adapt to the changing requirements of the client and still deliver in the predefined timeline.


Consider the Financial Stability of the Alexa Skill Development Company

It is always advisable to check the financial stability of an Alexa skill development company before jumping on the wagon. The client should take a brief look at factors like ownership structure, their partners, acquisition plan etc. Any of these points can put a huge impact on your project and business terms with the Alexa skill development company in the future. Consider a scenario, you have signed a contract with a vendor, and in the mid of the project the Alexa skill development company goes bankrupt and out of business.

Imagine the consequences your business will face in that phase. Besides, it always costs you more to switch vendors with the same product.

Being financially stable means the Alexa skill development company can sustain in the market for years and have a long run business goal, rather than having a short term monetary goal. While considering an Alexa skill development company, look into the factors like since how many years they are in the business or if they are a start-up, see who are the investors or what are their assets.


Trust & Security Factors of the Alexa skill development company

As we have already put forth, the trust factor is something which can’t be measured in the beginning. But while working with an Alexa skill development company, you need to provide all your business information. There are also various sensitive business information which can be mis-utilized if not managed by professionals.

One of the major concerns of a business owner is that, will his data and intellectual property be secure in the hands of an outsourcing Alexa skill development company. So, before evaluating any vendor, make sure they will go by your privacy and intellectual property rights policy. It is very important to consider an Alexa skill development company who conducts regular security and network audits within his workplace.

Check whether the Alexa skill development company you selected has the tools or technology to protect your data and prevent leakage of sensitive information. If you are completely satisfied after analysing all these, you can proceed.


After Sale Service & Future Support

Even the most popular software solutions and top notch software service providers guarantee 99.99% up-time. Unfortunately, there is no 100% perfect software solution. Even if it is a small software, you can’t deny the possibility of a future bug. So make sure your selected Alexa skill development company provides proper after sale service and access to their technical team to offer future support. Support also includes maintenance, updates and bug fixation.


Last but not the Least, Go for a Test Ride

If you still happen to be confused and are not able to decide on a Alexa skill development company, you always have the option for a free consultation or sample or trial. You can choose any option to ensure the quality of the features, business benefits and durability. Make sure that the solution meets your expectations and have the necessary features and functionalities. During the free consultation, ask the Alexa skill development company all the doubts you have and understand how the final solution can add business values.


Why Pragmatic Voice is the Right Alexa skill development company?

Outsourcing is the best way to boost productivity and let experts manage your business with sheer efficiency. If you choose the right partner for your technology requirements, you can ensure that the decision produces real and measurable results. We at Pragmatic consider three factors in every project we undertake.

  • Quality- we can’t compromise on.
  • Time- There is no tomorrow.
  • Budget- Which will fit as per your requirement.

Our approach and flexible delivery model made us the first choice Alexa skill development company for many of our clients. We provide much needed digital stability to your business needs. We empower digital transformation with enterprise mobility solutions, web and mobile applications, network security systems, infrastructure services and IT consulting.

Let’s collaborate and transform this world together. Book a FREE CONSULTATION now with one of our Odoo experts to understand more. Contact Here.


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