Pragmatic Voice Hotel Concierge (Voice Assistant for Hospitality)

As one of the best luxury hotels, your top priority is to deliver exceptional high levels of stay and customer service experience to your guests. Rest everything follows!

Technology is continuously changing our lives on an everyday basis and we are loving it because change is good, right? The hospitality industry is also undergoing several changes and hands-free communication is trending and thriving for the future to be your digital butler and provide you the concierge services.

Amazon’s Alexa will transform your guest experience completely by rendering you hyper-personalized and custom -tailored recommendations based on your behaviour and preferences.
Amazon Alexa can anticipate your needs by knowing you better since it gets smarter every time it converse and it can tell you about various other services during your stay in the hotel.

Amazon Alexa

Alexa is an intelligent personal assistant created by Amazon, first used in the Amazon Echo and the Amazon Echo Dot devices created by Amazon Lab126. The device is capable of voice interaction, music playback, making to-do lists , setting alarms, streaming podcasts,playing audiobooks, providing weather , traffic and other real time information, such as news. Alexa can also control several smart devices and can be utilized in the hospitality industry as a home automation system

Alexa can provide you digital concierge services by acting your smart butler and also it can up-sell and cross-sell various hotel services hassel-freely. Travelers are becoming more tech-savvy than ever and they want a happy stay in the hotel by connecting digitally 24*7.The Best part of amazon alexa is available round the clock to solve your real-time queries at the instant. In the run, Amazon alexa is used in most of the hotels as compared to any other voice assistance because it is customizable and easy to use.

You say, you’ve done everything to ensure you deliver world-class hospitality for your guests.

  • Hotel PMS software is in place to ensure smooth running of operational processes.
  • You have a strong online presence and some superlative reviews on sites like TripAdvisor.
  • Best part? Your brand doesn’t need an introduction in the world out there.
  • Let us tell you one amenity addition that’ll simply transform your guests stay experience.

Picture this – Your hotel guests can walk into their rooms to be greeted by a personalized virtual voice assistant. Right from turning the TV on, opening/closing the blinds, operating the lights, suggesting places to see around and all the concierge service requests can be controlled by just talking to the voice assistant. Basically, you don’t provide a room or suite but a smart room or say a hi-tech suite to your guests. Pragmatic Voice hotel Concierge allows you better engage with hotel guests, increase loyalty, get great reviews on Tripadvisor.

You can use Pragmatic Voice hotel Concierge to interact with your hotel room guests. It is a skill that helps with general hotel Queries.

All you need to do is Say – “Hey, Alexa open hotel concierge” and it will start responding to your questions, you don’t have to install any additional app to converse , so you save a lot of time and efforts. The Amazon Echo is beginning to appear in myriads of hotel rooms as part of an experiment in which hoteliers are attempting both to improve the guest experience and automate common questions and requests, such as what is the wifi password, where is the Gym, dining recommendations and events

While hotel experimentation with Alexa has been limited so far, hoteliers are reporting that guest feedback has been largely positive. Guests are using the devices as intended, and many customers and guests are utilizing it to explore more about their surroundings and the hotel itself.

Alexa is refining customer experience by improving the existing norms of guest engagement , Alexa will soon replace the all the conventional conversing methods and will emerge as the most used platform for interaction between concierge and the guests.

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