Pragmatic Voice Launches Amazon Alexa Voice App for Indian Railways Enquiry

In a typical scenario today, there are two ways in which you can check the status of your train ticket reservation for an upcoming travel –

  1. Visit the IRCTC official website.
  2. Install an app on the phone to check for the seat reservation status for your ticket.

Websites and mobile apps have evolved significantly over the last few years to integrate a lot of personalization. However these a more related to the content discovery aspect. If we observe we find that a user still has to carry out a lot of steps to check the train ticket reservation status. These steps include clicking on the menu, searching, choosing the correct journey details, and monitor the latest status from time to time.

A smarter way is needed to simplify the entire process.

This is exactly where Voice search comes into the picture.

Just a simple voice command should bring up the latest status of your upcoming train journey. Simply saying “Alexa, ask Indian Railways to check my PNR status”. No need to visit a site, browse through numerous options, and the wait for it to fetch the latest status.

Pragmatic Voice has added a new free skill on Amazon Skill Center with this objective in mind.

Integrating this skill will help you use voice technology for train reservation PNR enquiry. It is an accurate and blazing fast way to check various aspects around a train ticket reservation status –

  1. Check the confirmation status of the seats.
  2. Check the seat number and berth number on your ticket.
  3. Get to know the departure time and time between two stations or junctions.

In addition, there are a few exciting functionalities that are due to be added to this skills –

  1. Spot my train feature
  2. Check for arrival status at a given station or junction
  3. Check for train coach position at a given station


How to get this skill?

All you need to do is visit the Amazon site. Under Pragmatic Voice you can type “IRCTC” or “Indian Railways”. The results will show Indian Railways Enquiry at the top. Try this app and check out how easy it becomes to track PNR via voice. The good news is that this app is continuously evolving and will be empowered by many more features in the days to come.

Here is the direct link.

Interested in using voice search to augment your customer servicing USP? Then connect with us at Pragmatic today and see the potential unfold for your business.

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