Jovo Framework helps you Build Multi modal Apps for Amazon Alexa & Google Assistant

Jovo is the first open-source framework that lets you build voice apps for Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant with one codebase. Including powerful integration’s that help you build professional apps faster.

Jovo Framework is easy to get started with for beginners, with clear and simple syntax, while keeping it highly customizable and extensible for power users and professional teams.

The rise of voice assistants like Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant would cause usability problems around enforcing a consistent, continuous and complementary user experience across devices. At the same time, along with the usability problems there was the challenge that developers had to maintain separate code bases for voice apps on the various voice assistant platforms. These ideas led to the founding of Jovo that is targeting two key benefits for voice apps:

  1. Framework: Developers will be able to write code once and run it every voice assistant platform making the experiences consistent for users and efficient for developers.
  2. API: User experience can be made continuous and complementary across multiple modes of use such as smart speakers, mobile devices, televisions or other interfaces.


  • Jovo CLI – The Jovo CLI allows you to create, build, and deploy Jovo projects that work for both Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant.
  • Jovo Webhook – Tired of uploading your code to a server all the time? Use the Jovo Webhook for fast local prototyping and debugging. Just use the Jovo CLI command $ jovo run in your project directory to get started.
  • Language Model – No need to manually update your language models on both Alexa and Dialogflow (for Google Assistant). The Jovo Language Model is an abstraction layer that can be converted into the platform models by using the Jovo CLI.
  • State Machine – With simple intent routing and state management, you can get started quickly and build out your app logic while you’re improving your voice app.
  • Cross-Platform – Don’t focus too much on learning different APIs and domain specific languages for each platform. With the Jovo Framework, you can use features that work for both, while also keeping the flexibility to implement platform-specific features.
  • Tools & Integration’s – Jovo offers a growing list of tools, integration’s, and plugins to make your life as voice app developer easier.



Increases the Efficiency of Developers

Jovo Tech framework has massive potential to increase the efficiency of developers in the voice space. Most developers tend to start out building for Alexa and then look to port their Skills to the Google Assistant. Learning a whole new framework for Google Assistant using either API.AI or the Actions SDK can be very time consuming and in my opinion is one of the reasons we see less Google Actions compared to Alexa Skills. The appeal of Jovo is that you can have one code base that works for both Alexa and Google. Jovo has an excellent framework with a very clear syntax that builds upon what people liked and didn’t like about the popular Alexa SDK for node JS. Developers really like it.


Ability to develop Cross-Platform

Jovo gives the ability to develop cross-platform for Alexa and Google Home without having to maintain separate code bases, and also to continuously improve skills because of the easy integration with tracking and analytics platforms like VoiceLabs and Dashbot.


Platform Agnostic Solution

Voice experiences will increasingly become multi-modal and incorporate visual and text elements alongside voice. We see some of this today with Amazon Echo Show, Echo Spot and notably on Google Assistant on mobile where text is complementary to voice interaction. However, these are limited use cases today and they all stay within a single technology platform. Over time, the interactions will be multimodal and multi-platform which requires new tooling that is platform agnostic. Jovo is intent on building that agnostic solution for developers with the framework now and eventually the API.


Some Shortcomings of Jovo

  1. Access to latest features in each of the platforms is delayed.
  2. More examples are needed in the documentation part of Jovo.

We, at Pragmatic Techsoft, use Jovo framework to develop awesome voice apps based on Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant. Our developers are adept with the Jovo framework and feel that it is one of the best voice technology development platforms available till date.

Feel free to get in touch with sales@pragmatic-voice.com to know more or to get a voice app developed for your business.

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