One of our Hospitality Clients increased their Hotel bookings by 230%… Want to Know How?

Amazon’s Alexa for Hospitality has come to the hotel room near you. This new program provides hoteliers with a physical device based voice-activated virtual concierge for their rooms.

It helps hotels build immersive stay experiences for their guests. These immersive experiences eventually become the USP for which the guests keep coming back for more.

Immersive experiences is just one of plusses of Alexa for Hospitality, it has many other benefits which not just the guests can avail but also is of advantage to the overall hotel operations.

When our client installed Alexa in 200 of their rooms and did a trial run for 4 months, the result they got simply left them amazed. Their main objective was to increase the repeat hotel room bookings, and this would only happen if they gave their guests something extra that their competitors could not.This something extra came in the form of voice-based butler / concierge services for the guests.

Installation of Alexa in their hotel rooms brought about a whopping
increase of 230% in terms of repeat hotel bookings.
Say, if a guest made a booking only once or twice in 6 months in the past,
he now came back for upto five times in the same span of time.

Our client’s target market for repeat bookings were primarily frequent business travelers who are tech savvy. Hence, inclusion of voice assistant seemed like a providing a smart room or a hi-tech suite to these millennial guests.

Their second objective was to reduce backend operational costs associated with retaining excessive manual housekeeping staff just to fulfill the butler/concierge tasks faster.

After implementing the voice assistant Alexa for Hospitality, in around 200 rooms for 4 months, they saw their concierge service requests getting executed 43% faster, repeat bookings rising by 230% and observed their customers eagerly discussing with the concierge staff about how cool was the voice assistant addition and walking out happily (priceless!)

Also, the operational costs associated with hiring and retaining excessive headcount to carry out housekeeping and butler tasks faster got reduced, and yet it improved the operational efficiency.

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