Pilot Alexa / Google Home in your Hotel Room to Experience Amazing Guest Experience

“The only thing permanent is change” said Heraclitus to define the way things work out in this universe.

In the field of technology also, change keeps happening. New technology introduction, constant upgrades, changes in technology usage are a few of the ways in which technology keeps people on the edge.

This technological wave has been intermittently hitting the hospitality industry also, and keeping up with the latest technology trends is essential for those operating in this industry, because the industry itself is extremely competitive.

This means that those who fail to adapt can quickly find that they are being left behind by hotel and travel companies that have implemented new approaches and ideas.


It’s the era of Smart Guest Experiences, namely of using Voice Assistants in Hotels

“Out of our experience of demoing hundreds of prospects and more than 2 years into developing our voice-based guest concierge software for hotels, we have come to see these 5 major pain points decision makers are faced with before they take a decision.”

5 Major Reasons Why Voice-Assistant Implementation Decisions get Delayed

  1. Operations will be disrupted
  2. Pricing too high
  3. No human touch / Human touch will be lost
  4. It is good to have, not must have
  5. Management’s decision, we cannot do anything


Reason 1 – Operations will be Disrupted

If you feel that implementing voice assistants is going to disrupt your current flow of operations and bring a lot of chaos in its running, then let us tell you that you are in for a surprise.

How We Can Help

We are turnkey voice assistant solution providers and take over the entire elbow grease associated with implementing voice assistants in your hotels.

  • Our implementation process starts with understanding your needs for which we can get over a call at your convenience. This hardly requires an hour of your time.
  • Next, we can setup your account and add the commands as per your requirement. If you want, you can add the commands yourself or we can do it for you. Adding a single command takes just a couple of minutes.
  • Based on department-based positional hierarchy in your hotel, we can set up the access to your concierge portal. This ensures that only the right people have access to operate it. This setup takes around 4-5 business days.
  • Next comes training, where we will explain how the concierge portal works and the process of addin/updating commands. This would hardly take a day.
  • Once you are done with adding commands and want to go-live, simply inform us and we will take care of the certifications from either Google or Amazon. This takes anywhere between 5-7 business days. We would keep you updated.
  • Once your skill is live, we will connect your voice bots to your account so that yours guests can start using it.
  • All in all, it will NOT take more than 15 days and minimal involvement from your side to implement voice assistants in your hotels


Reason 2 – Pricing

Technology definitely comes at a price. However, fearing the price aspect have you denied turning to registering your hotel on online sites? Or think about the keyless access system that has been implemented by every other hotel nowadays?

Not to forget the mobile apps developed by hotels to automate service tasks and free up human resources. All of these were adapted, no matter the price, because the hotels saw the long term return on their investment.

Same is the case now with voice technology adoption. If you see the long term potential and adopt voice technology before your competitor does, you will definitely reap its benefits in the long run.

How we can Help

Guestvoice provides the most competitive pricing when compared to the market. Also, the prices are adaptive. There is no fixed-package type pricing which the customer has to purchase, no matter how big or small the requirements are. We also consider some pricing markdowns for early birds, however that is decided on a case to case basis.


Reason 3 – Human Touch will be Lost  

The traveling group nowadays consists of majorly millenials who are in the age group of 18-35 years. Think about these millennials for a second!

They prefer everything to be fast and hi-tech. Besides, they carry every smart device with them when they travel. A smartphone, a laptop, a tablet, an e-reader, power banks and many other electronic devices.

Self-Serve is their thing and instant gratification is their mantra. So, to please millennials, smartening the guest room with latest technology would be the right strategy.

How we can Help?  

We would implement voice assistants and trust us, you will not lose the aspect of human touch one bit, instead the voice bots would add to your value proposition. Your human resources would actually be freed up to work on other activities that actually enhance the guest experience, rather than just running errands.

Human touch in hotels is primarily essential at major touchpoints like reception or in restaurants, gyms and spas etc, which would still be intact. The only place where humans would be replaced are at the basic service requests level like taking orders and passing it on to the respective departments. From then onwards, again humans would take over.


Reason 4 – It’s Good to Have, not must Have

True, absolutely true! Even your smartphone is good to have, not a must have. Don’t you agree? Think about the time when it just hit the markets, was it a must-have? No, it later became a must-have.

Next, take a car for example. A basic model will serve the purpose of getting its occupants from one place to another satisfactorily, then why do people opt and pay for the topmost model? They pay for luxury.

Similarly, your current hotel room setting has been running great, but if you upgrade, people will be ready to pay a premium to experience added luxury in their hotel stays.

How we can Help?

No doubt, voice technology is good-to-have-not-must-have now, but wait for a couple of years and it would become a must have. And if you keep waiting till it becomes a must have, every other competitor of yours would already be having it.

Not to mention, the heightened prices the service providers would charge to get it implemented for you. Also, the voice assistant devices are getting costlier by the day, as their demands are rising.

So, get going, get ahead in the competition, avail the early-mover advantage and see your returns shoot through the roof in no less than 6 months.


Reason 5 – “It’s our management’s decision to not implement voice at this moment, we can’t help”

This is a common reply we get from almost all those executives who take the idea up to their management level. We have something for them as well that would help them put across the message better.

When proposing the idea to management / decision makers, you can propose a 3 pronged functionality of the voice assistants.

These are –

  1. Infotainment
  2. Guest Engagement / Service Requests
  3. Room Automation

Infotainment – “Alexa, tell me a joke”, “Alexa, How’s the Weather today”, “OK Google, What’s the top news for today, “OK Google, play hip hop music”.

This and a lot more can be commanded to your voice assistant to bring about hands-free- eyes-free entertainment cum information for you. Picture your hotel guests asking this to the smart voice assistants placed in your hotel rooms.

Just imagine the amazement it would infuse into the face and the excitement in the stay of your hotel guests. They’d definitely remember the experience and return to relive it.

Guest Engagement / Service Requests –  “Alexa, what’s the wi-fi password”, “Alexa, clean my room”, “OK Google, what are the spa timings”, “OK Google, order me a coffee”

Service / Concierge requests which usually called for the guests to walk to the intercom, pick up the receiver, dial the reception’s number and then place an order or say download an app or use the guest services tablet/TV to get the job done, can now be carried out hands-free and eyes-free with the help of voice. While at the back-end, immediately a ticket gets raised at the respective department’s end.

Don’t you think it is faster and much more efficient? No human errors, human delays or any problems associated with sudden human absenteeism or absconds. Your voice assistant will never be absent or abscond, it will be on duty 24*7*365!!

Room Automation – “Alexa, turn on/off the lights”, “Alexa, draw the curtains”, “OK Google, set the thermostat to 80 degrees Fahrenheit”, “OK Google, change the channel to CNBC”

Room automation with voice commands just takes things to the next level. It is really magical. It is as if a genie is actually moving physical things for you. Drawing the curtains, turning the lights on/off, setting the thermostat/air-con temperatures, changing TV channels, all this and more can be done by using voice assistants in the guestroom.

Talk about guest experience? They will never forget the magic they experienced during their stay.

We hope we have tried all of your apprehensions to decision making. If you still feel that implementing voice is difficult, do get in touch with one of our voice experts and they will help you come out of the dilemma.


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