Top 8 Voice Design and Skills building tools unleashed

Voice applications are growing rapidly and there are primarily 2 platforms Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant leading the platform race Creating voice applications on these platforms requires technical knowledge which might be difficult to procure and will work out expensive. Also, maintaining such applications requires a team of developers which can be difficult to get. What if all the technicalities are removed and user is presented with a powerful drag and drop UI to create voice apps. It would make this process very affordable, robust and easy to maintain in long run. Let us look at some of the voice application builder tools in the market today.

Product Platforms Supported Industry / Vertical
Sayspring (Adobe) Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant Generic
Storyline Amazon Alexa Genetic
Blutag Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant Retail and ecommerce
Jovo Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant Generic
Orbita Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant Healthcare
VoiceApps Amazon Alexa Generic
PullString Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant Generic
DialogFlow Website, Mobile app, the Google Assistant, Amazon Alexa, Facebook Messenger Generic

1. Sayspring

Sayspring is a collaborative design and prototyping platform that allows designers to rapidly create interactive voice interfaces, with no coding required. It is an Adobe company now and it allows users to easily create voice applications on Amazon Alexa and Google Home platforms.

2. Storyline

Another application which also helps in creating Alexa apps without writing code is Storyline. It allows you to create Alexa skills such as flash briefings, custom skills, and games and trivia.

Types of Alexa Skills which can be crafted using Storyline

Custom Skills

Design and write in the visual UI

Built-in canvas makes it easy to connect conversations and see the big picture.

Preview in the browser

Play your skill right in the browser to test how it feels before publishing. It’s never been easier to iterate on scriptwriting.

Deploy in 1-click

Connect your Amazon account, and we do the rest of the job for you. There’s no need to setup servers and do configurations

See analytics

View number of users, sessions and interactions for your custom skill on a daily, weekly, or monthly basis.

Flash briefings

Add posts to your flash briefing

Create flash briefing posts every day or week, and Storyline will automatically schedule them for playing.

Set your posting schedule

Create posts when you have time and choose the dates you want Storyline to publish your content.

See analytics

View number of users and plays for your flash briefing on a daily, weekly, or monthly basis.


3. Blutag

Blutag is the leading SaaS platform for retailers to launch voice applications without coding. Supports both custom and popular in-market platforms. Blutag lets users search your product catalog through voice based devices like Amazon Echo and google home.


  1. Users can ask questions in natural language “I am looking for some blue running shoes” Increase product discovery”.
  2. Customers receive personalized recommendations using AI so they see products relevant to their taste and need
  3. Match users to more products through simple voice searches and increase impulse purchases by reducing friction
  4. Integration support for Magento, Shopify and other platforms


4. Jovo


Jovo is the most popular open-source development framework for professionals to build Alexa Skills and multi modal apps. Using Jovo you can build a Cross-Platform App for Alexa & Google Assistant.


5. Orbita


Orbita provides the first enterprise-grade conversational platform for creating and managing intelligent voice assistants, chatbots, and other conversational interfaces into healthcare applications.

Design and Deploy Voice Applications   

  • Integrate with multiple AI agents (Amazon Alexa, Google Assistant, chat bots, …)
  • Design flows and integrate with existing systems with an intuitive, graphical designer with drag-and-drop interface
  • Easily build new application flows using pre-built templates and examples

Manage Voice Projects, Content, and Applic   

  • Manage multiple voice projects at once
  • Manage content versions and integrate clinically verified 3rd party content
  • Built upon a rich set of pre-built templates and controls

Track and Measure User Engagement

  • Track user engagement using built-in analytics
  • Identify common requests, questions, and commands
  • Visualize usage patterns over time

Create and Manage Surveys and Assessments   

  • Create surveys, polls, and questionnaires using “drag & drop” interface
  • Capture and store survey results or push to existing systems and databases
  • Deliver surveys across multiple modes (voice, chat, mobile, Web, analog phone

Integrate Voice Applications with Existing Systems and Processes

  • Authenticate users against established back-end systems
  • Integrate with CRMs, EHRs, and other enterprise systems
  • Combine data from other connected devices (wearables, medical devices)

6. Pullstring


PullString offers a leading solution for brands and agencies to rapidly design, prototype, and publish Alexa skills. PullString Converse combines visual authoring with our powerful Conversation Cloud to manage your voice experiences at scale.  Everything Any company Needs to Build Voice Apps In Minutes Design, prototype, and publish your conversational voice app in minutes using PullString’s fully integrated visual authoring and cloud environment. Focus on iterating and improving your ideas, and leave the AI and machine learning complexities to PullString Converse. Collaborate with others as you design your voice experience, and easily share your work with colleagues to enhance the app and instantly publish it to Amazon Alexa, Google Assistant, and IoT devices.


7. VoiceApps


VoiceApps (link: ) is a visual design tool that allows anyone to easily build Alexa skills in minutes. Start from scratch or use one of our templates to jumpstart your project. You can build almost any skill you can dream up! Our comprehensive tools allow you to take full control of the Alexa platform!



8. DialogFlow

Build natural and rich conversational experiences using DialogFlow. Give users new ways to interact with your product by building engaging voice and text-based conversational interfaces, such as voice apps and chatbots, powered by AI. Connect with users on your website, mobile app, the Google Assistant, Amazon Alexa, Facebook Messenger, and other popular platforms and devices.


Powered by Google’s machine learning

Dialogflow incorporates Google’s machine learning expertise and products such as Google Cloud Speech-to-Text.

Built on Google infrastructure

Dialogflow is backed by Google and runs on Google Cloud Platform, letting you scale to hundreds of millions of users.

Optimized for the Google Assistant

Dialogflow is the most widely used tool to build Actions for more than 400M+ Google Assistant devices.

Use machine learning to understand what users are saying

Provide us with examples of what a user might say when interacting with your product. Using years of domain knowledge and natural language understanding, we analyze and understand the user’s intent to help you respond in the most useful way.

Reach more audiences, wherever they are

On any platform

Build Actions, Skills, bots, and apps for the Google Assistant, Alexa, Cortana, Facebook Messenger and other platforms your users are on.

Across devices

Whether your users are on-the-go or at home, engage with them through wearables, phones, cars, speakers and other smart devices.

Around the world

Broaden your reach globally with 20+ supported languages including Spanish, French, and Japanese.


In conclusion

Voice Apps market is already growing and stated to grow in a big way in the near future. More and more apps will be launched on the voice platforms. Having easy voice apps building tools can take pain out of the process of building apps. Most of the building tools mentioned are in a free beta and have limited customers and user base as the voice platforms itself are evolving. But as the voice platforms evolves these tolls will get very sophisticated. DialogFlow seems to a very comprehensive solution for conversational Voice Apps as it supports all voice platforms.

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