Touchless Initiatives for a Safe Travel Experience

With the outbreak of Covid-19, all industries have been hit hard, with each one racing to innovate and apply touchless technology so as to prevent further spread of the disease whilst providing unique and hassle-free customer service. Passengers would also want assurance that airports are taking the right measures for their safety with reference to sanitisation, social distancing, minimal contact, etc.

Competition seems to be increasing among the airports to deliver an appealing and memorable travel experience to its customers. Considering the rising number of air travellers since the last few years, self-service solutions were already being experimented with.

Hence, innovation is extremely important today to stay ahead in the race.

As a rapid response to the current Coronavirus pandemic as well as to prevent future health risks, airports across the world have started employing touchless and automated technologies to contain transmissible diseases.

This includes

  • Touchless passport and identity card reading
  • Touch-free measuring of vital signs of passengers such as temperature, respiratory rate and heart rate.
  • Touchless elevators, parking, security checks, washrooms
  • No-touch kiosk and bag drop services via head movements rather than by touching the screens.

The value of AI at airports is its ability to read the humongous data and translate it into business intelligence i.e. the more health data that kiosks ‘read,’ the better will airports be able to identify which passengers would need further investigation. These touchless solutions will allow passengers to go through the self-service experience with minimal or no touch, thereby providing a seamless, intuitive and safe method of moving quickly through the airport.

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