How Using Alexa Can Improve Guest Experience For Cruise Lines

Jenifer from Sydney felt amazed to experience the comfort in her cruise ship room. It was the voice search facility that helped her have the most relaxing vacation on a cruise. She never had to leave her bed to switch off the light or change the temperature. It all happened on her voice command. She had a time of her life and felt like a queen. This is the one-of-its-kind guest experience that awaits a guest on a cruise powered by voice technology.

Voice search technology is changing the way cruise line guest experience is measured. Guests now have the habit of using voice search technology with the rise of technologies like Alexa, which is a great voice search option provided by Amazon.

Customer experience challenges that cruise lines face

1. Unable to offer a personalized experience

The availability of hundreds of guests on a cruise ship, it becomes difficult for the cruise line crew members to ensure a personalized experience for every guest. Sure, the guest gets assistance from the crew members, but that doesn’t provide the quality that guests look for these days. People desire quick assistance to help them out whenever they have a query or problem.

2. Navigation issues of the guests

Guests, especially seniors require assistance navigating from one part to the other in a cruise. However, cruise lines find it difficult to provide all the services and assist people with the navigation issues at the same time.

3. Low customer satisfaction

The survival of any cruise line depends on how satisfied are the guests during the cruise stay. That includes room service, entertainment and other facilities provided on a cruise experience. However, without reliable technologies, cruise lines don’t have the ability to analyze the levels of customer satisfaction they provide and improve accordingly.

4. Reminding guests about the activities

Cruise ships arrange multiple activities for the guests to indulge in. However, it becomes a troubling task to remind and follow up about the activity appointments with the guests. The crew members have to cover the whole ship, which takes a lot of time.

The mentioned ones are a few of the major challenges that cruise ships face. But these challenges can become opportunities with the voice search technology of Alexa. Using this technology can help in improving the guest experience to a whole new level.

Effective upgrades that Alexa can offer to cruise ships

1. Offering a personal virtual assistant for every guest

With Alexa, cruise lines can ensure a personalized assistance for their guests. The voice search technology can be installed in rooms and other parts of the cruise. In fact, cruise lines can provide the technology in a form of an application to every guest.

This way, Alexa can work as a personal assistant or helper for each and every guest on a cruise. Installed in cruise rooms, the AI technology can help guests with their general needs and answer their questions regarding the cruise ship and services. The virtual assistant can check the activity schedules for the people and remind them at the right time.

The same technology becomes perfectly capable to provide navigation support to the guests on a cruise. Alexa can help them find the desired locations, which will impress guests for sure.

2. Delivering services in the quickest way possible

Alexa is the solution that can reduce the time lag between a service request and the service delivery on a cruise ship. Installed in a room, Alexa can allow guests to order room service, ask for housekeeping or other services in the fastest manner. Alexa can communicate the same to the relevant staff. As a result, the crew members will become able to reach the guest quickly.

3. Using guests’ speech to analyze improvement opportunities

Combining voice search technology with speech identification and analytics, cruise lines can learn from their customers. The language patterns allow AI to understand the intentions of the customer. This way, the voice search technology becomes an effective customer experience tool in the real-time and also makes post-service analysis possible. The cruise ships can improve their services and make their guests’ stay happier in future.

Final words:

Understanding the voice and offering personalized service experience, this is the key to winning the hearts of guests on a cruise ship. And Alexa is able to do it seamlessly. All it will take is a planned implementation of the technology. For this you need the domain experience of a dependable voice technology solutions provider like Pragmatic Techsoft. Then, cruise lines can tackle every guest experience challenges with the voice search technology.

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