How vCommerce will change the Future of Retail & eCommerce

In the past 20 years, the world of commerce has undergone two major waves of disruptive innovation, between E-commerce and M-commerce, and a third wave is rolling now, which is vCommerce or Voice-commerce.

How will it Change the Way Customers Purchase Online?

V-commerce has a real possibility to revolutionize commerce — it makes buying possible without movement or manipulation, simply by placing a voice command. It is a prime example of technology is making our lives easier.

And while the consumer comes out as the winner in this scenario, it is important as a business to consider how this will affect you. Not just affect you, but as the technology becomes more ubiquitous, businesses will need to know how to harness it.

What are the Opportunities for eCommerce Businesses?

  • Voice based commerce will provide a new playground for businesses to make life easier for their customers, and climb faster than their competitors.
  • It will provide a new way to engage customers; it will be easier to renew an order for a product that has already been purchased, hence the importance of being ready as soon as possible.
  • A new way for a business to personalize the shopping experience for its customers, while keeping in mind and respecting the limits of a person’s privacy.
  • A new way to offer a better experience to the customers — for both B2C and B2B companies.
  • It will provide new skill sets and opportunities to promote cross selling and upselling.

It’s important to understand that systems like Echo, Google Home among others, are not just in place for commerce. With the ability to answer questions, the importance of your website’s content has never been greater. If you are able to answer a question properly and succinctly, your site will receive more hits via voice search which, is only on the rise.

These systems could also be used for inventory purposes; a simple voice search could tell a customer if their size is in stock. V-commerce is a new and exciting technology with great possibilities.

Benefits of vCommerce for Retail Businesses-

1. Visual Merchandising Tools and Integrated Analytics:

Voice is extremely powerful, yet simple. It is really easy to use even by the merchandisers who have little or no computer experience. vCommerce has tightly integrated eCommerce analytics so that you come to know where users are clicking, what they want to buy and why they leave their carts. All this data is just a few clicks away.

2. Advanced Search, Guided Navigation, Easy Shopping Cart and Quick Checkout:

vCommerce development offers various types of search options and guided navigation as per your needs and requirements. Vcommerce has the power to convert more number of visitors to customers by increasing sales with the help of easy to use shopping cart and quick checkout ensuring a smooth shopping process.

3. Upsell, Cross Sell and Personalization:

vCommerce has the capability to bring he right product in front of customers at the right time using personalization, up-sell and cross-sell capabilities using things like ‘customers who bought this also bought…’, ‘similar products’ and ‘recommended products’, to name a few.

4. A/B Testing, Segmentation, Payment Processing and Fraud Prevention:

vCommerce helps customers try out various variations and test which one works the best. This will help you target products to the specific group of customers. It offers completely secured transaction management to provide an amazing shopping experience that customers will trust. It also detects fraud and encrypts data guaranteeing secure environment.

5. Content Integration, Rich Media and Global Capabilities:

vCommerce lets you put up rich product descriptions and images. Also, it can manage global transactions while supporting multiple currencies and language catalogs, international drop ship and international payment processing, to name a few.

The Future is Now.  

While vCommerce is still in its infancy, it is moving forward very quickly. And ready or not, it will become a huge part of the eCommerce business landscape in no time. Would you like to be in the parade, or watching it pass by?

If you’d like to know more about V-commerce, or how your business can adapt and integrate it, don’t hesitate to contact us. Pragmatic Voice prides itself on being on the cutting edge of all things voice technology related.

Get in touch with us for getting a vCommerce voice app developed. You can email us at sales@pragmatic-voice.com or call us at +1 713 701 5957.

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