Voice AI for Media & Entertainment

Among the different modes of communication, voice-based communication is undeniably the most effective, as it creates a bond between the speaker and the listener. For this reason, Voice-activated Artificial Intelligence (AI) has been disrupting almost all industries across the globe, and the Media and Entertainment (M&E) industry is certainly no exception to this trend.

  • From information dissemination, to product discovery, advertising and promotion, there are ample applications for Conversational AI in this swiftly evolving M&E space.
  • Today, audiences are expecting more from companies than ever before. People want on-demand, convenient and cross-channel support, and digital media is taking precedence as the primary engagement metric. Audiences can barely contain their excitement to wait and watch for the next episode of their favourite series.
  • Bringing Conversational AI into picture offers a wide range of benefits. AI-powered Chatbots can boost the communication efficacy on any platform as millennials are skewed towards digital channels. It also enables M&E companies to meet the quick-rising demands, increasing customer satisfaction and scaling high-quality customer service across emails, SMS, chats and voice.
  • It seems logical that Voice-activated AI is an ideal fit for M&E, because AI, Natural Language Processing and Machine Learning processes enormous amounts of data to realize business outcomes and employing Conversational AI in businesses where audio-visual content (i.e. data) itself is the product offering appears to be the most innate channel.

We hereby realise that the role of AI in the M&E industry is a major growth opportunity, as it empowers people to be creative, stimulates sharing the content via social media and automates the more functional aspects, by side-stepping the need to acquire difficult technical knowledge and skills. It is thus a tool for augmenting, rather than replacing, human creativity.

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