Why you should have a voice for your brand on Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant platforms?

In today’s time, Marketing plays an important role to drive sales. Also brand awareness is critical to building a brand. Companies make slick websites to showcase their products and services. Mobile apps are built to manage better customer experiences on smartphones. TV, print, online ads are done to create awareness of the brand. Similarly, every company needs to have a presence on the voice platforms. Currently, few companies have a presence hence this is the right time to get your brand on voice platforms. Early mover advantage will help you in getting attention from potential customers early.

Also, voice experience is critical to how customers are going to get engaged with brands. While building apps on  Voice platforms such as Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant, you can go with the robotic voice. Instead it is highly recommended option wherein you can infuse your own brands human voice. This would immensely help in engaging better with your potential customers. Things such as Flash briefings or daily updates could be set up on the voice apps so that your customers are in continuous update of your product offerings, clearance sales and products news.


How to engage with your customers on Voice platforms?

Companies can do the following to engage customers on Voice platforms

1] Build an identity for your Brand with an official Voice

By creating an official voice for your brand you can create an identity which separates you from the crowd. By choosing a voice which infuses confidence and trust in your brand can go a long way in better customer engagement and revenues.

2] Daily updates

You can create simple update briefings apps to let your customers know about  newly introduced products, clearance sales, product help tips and lot of other information. You can also create a podcast around the industry where your customers are focused.

3] Customer Care

One can build an entire automated Customer Support on Voice platform.  You can set-up a FAQ using which customers can get needed information at their finger-tips. Customers can also raise support queries tickets which can then taken care by support staff.

4] Product Catalogues

Companies can actually give customers access to complete product details and allow voice searches. Also recommendations can be given to customers  based on their previous buying history. Generally in retail while buying product selection is a complex process as there are hundreds of choices. Voice could help in simplifying this process if user can define some preferences and based on that recommendations can be made.

5] Voice Commerce

Ordering food, products and services could be very simple on voice platforms. Customers can order and reorder directly using voice commands. Payments could be accepted by linking credit card and debit card details with the devices.


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