“Alexa, Call the Nurse” / “Ok Google, Start the Patient Discharge Process”

Enabling Voice-Controlled Service Requests & Room Automation with the help of Voice Assistants

Voice Assistants can Increase Efficiency and Improve Patient Experience

Voice Commands for Patients

Patients or their relatives/attendants can call the doctor/nurse, order food, ask for test report status, refill medicine, ask for medication schedule and raise housekeeping requests with voice.

Voice Commands for Doctors/Nurses/Dietitians

Doctors/Nurses/Dietitians can pull patient records before rounds, keep track of medical/housekeeping stock, streamline patient discharge process and raise housekeeping requests with voice.

Hospital Room Automation

Patients or their relatives/attendants can use their voice to turn on/ off the lights, switch on/off the television, air conditioning, pull curtains and window blinds with their voice.

Things you can say

Here are some things patients can ask the voice assistants. First, be sure to say,

“Alexa, call the nurse / doctor”
“Alexa, what is my test report status”
“Alexa, refill my medicines”
“Alexa, what is my medication schedule”
“Ok Google, Ask housekeeping to clean my bed”
“Ok Google, when is my next doctor/nurse visit”
“Ok Google, order lunch for bed 101”
“Alexa, pull patient records for bed 101”
“Alexa, call Nurse Nova in the operation theatre”
“Alexa, tablet crocin stock over, please refill”
“Ok Google, start discharge process for bed 101”
“Ok Google, clean the maternity ward”
“Ok Google, clean bed 101”
“Alexa, turn the lights on/off in my room”
“Alexa, turn on/off the TV”
“Alexa, turn on/off the air conditioner”
“Alexa, turn on/off the heat”
“Ok Google, pull the curtains”
“Ok Google, lower the blinds”
“Ok Google, raise my bed /lower my bed slightly”

Other VoiceDoc Features

Role Identification – There will be a unique PIN generated for each of the Doctors, Nurses and Dietitians. They will have to enter their PIN to interact with Alexa or any other voice assistant to give voice commands.

Data Security -All the voice interactions are processed through Amazon Alexa’s
Voice Cloud Server or the respective voice assistant’s corresponding ecosystem. With this, the voice interactions remain as anonymous and no vendor (like VoiceDoc for that matter) will be able to keep a track of the interactions or any other confidential data mapped to a user.

Talk to Voice App Expert

Prescription Buddy™

Prescription Buddy is a patient-centric voice app which allows patients to get medicines on discount. It can connect to our database of coupons and lets you save money. It also generates a QR code for every coupon, which you can take to any pharmacy to avail of discounts. The app helps patients follow a prescription plan recommended by the physician at home.

You can scan speak a unique code on any Google Assistant or Amazon Alexa devices and it would automatically set reminders on the calendar for the prescription medicines to be taken. It works with Alexa and Google Actions. It can seamlessly integrate with Alexa and Google Actions. Integrations with existing EHR and EMR could be setup to auto populate the prescription. On the vendor side, the app can easily integrate with online retailers of prescription medications to reorder supplies at the right time.

Benefits of using our system

  1. Huge savings in prescription cost for Patient
  2. Reduced workload for physician with have to change prescription
  3. Patients can easily share coupon along with prescription electronically via a QR code
  4. The app offers easy set up with a voice enabled device.
  5. Patients get timely reminders on medicines to be taken.

These work brilliantly to enable successful patient outcomes and better degree of healthcare management.

How does the QR code work?

QR codes are an interesting piece of technology, mainly used for information exchange and payments. In our application we use them to read and share prescriptions easily across systems and devices. All prescriptions sit in a centralized database connected to our database of coupons. We curate the coupon database as and when new ones get added by the pharma companies. It can lead to tangible and impactful savings for the patients. We extract the patient information and prescription details and generate a QR code.

How does it work?

  1. The Physician enters the prescription in the EHR or directly into PrescriptionBuddy.
  2. PrescriptionBuddy generates a QR code for any available coupons which are provided to the pharmacy and a unique 10 digit code for a reminder schedule.
  3. The 10 digit code is spoken into a voice enabled device to activate the reminder plan created by the physician.
  4. Several devices may be used for the reminder schedule speakers, mobile phones or Alexa show and Google Mini Hub.
  5. Patient can reorder supplies once they are exhausted.

The app facilitates seamless interaction between patients and physicians to deliver advantages like access to lower cost of drugs, better adherence to scheduled medicine intake, and prompt refilling

Amazon Alexa/Google Actions Utterances

“Alexa, what’s my Flash Briefing?”
Alexa ask PrescriptionBuddy if I can get any coupons
Alexa ask PrescriptionBuddy if I need to take any medication today?
Alexa ask PrescriptionBuddy to reorder supplies
Alexa ask PrescriptionBuddy to


Voice-Enabled Intelligent Hospital Medical Instrument Management

It provides access to a Unified Database of BioMedical Engineering department and Sterile Processing Department (Central Supply). The database includes: instrument, use history, repair history, preventive maintenance schedule, manuals or instructional videos on how to use or trouble shoot (where multi-modal is available) and any other needs of the departments….

Biomedical Engineers and SPD Personnel will be able to ask Alexa and Google for the information in the database and it will be present by voice and/or on a screen when useful.  When a medical instrument needs repair, the staff will be able to submit this request via voice and it will be routed to the correct repair coordinator. The repair coordinator will be able to voice authorize and send a request to their preferred repair provider or send out a request via a repair provider marketplace and/or request a loaner if available from the repair provider. This system powers up technical support with efficient ticket management, and reduces downtime due to faulty machines.

Benefits of using our system

  1. Anyone can track the complete history of an instrument in one go.
  2. Coordinate better between departments
  3. Requesting for a repair is just one easy command
  4. Access manuals and videos on how to use the instruments made simple with Instrumentwiki™

Amazon Alexa/Google Actions Utterances

Alexa, Can you give me repair history of GE 100 Ma

Alexa Please request repair for GE 100 Ma

Alexa Is there maintenance due for any instrument?

We provide every customer our software on SAAS Model.  Anyone can sign up either upload their database of instruments or we can potentially sync up with existing Hospital Asset Management System. Our system also gives you access to an Instrument Manual wiki, which you can access and read instructions on how to usage guidelines. We have a wide variety of manuals, documents and videos on different equipment. Our system can track and remind you about preventive maintenance schedules.


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