“Alexa, Call the Nurse” / “Ok Google, Start the Patient Discharge Process”

Enabling Voice-Controlled Service Requests & Room Automation with the help of Voice Assistants

Voice Assistants can Increase Efficiency and Improve Patient Experience

Voice Commands for Patients

Patients or their relatives/attendants can call the doctor/nurse, order food, ask for test report status, refill medicine, ask for medication schedule and raise housekeeping requests with voice.

Voice Commands for Doctors/Nurses/Dietitians

Doctors/Nurses/Dietitians can pull patient records before rounds, keep track of medical/housekeeping stock, streamline patient discharge process and raise housekeeping requests with voice.

Hospital Room Automation

Patients or their relatives/attendants can use their voice to turn on/ off the lights, switch on/off the television, air conditioning, pull curtains and window blinds with their voice.

Things you can say

Here are some things patients can ask the voice assistants. First, be sure to say,

“Alexa, call the nurse / doctor”
“Alexa, what is my test report status”
“Alexa, refill my medicines”
“Alexa, what is my medication schedule”
“Ok Google, Ask housekeeping to clean my bed”
“Ok Google, when is my next doctor/nurse visit”
“Ok Google, order lunch for bed 101”
“Alexa, pull patient records for bed 101”
“Alexa, call Nurse Nova in the operation theatre”
“Alexa, tablet crocin stock over, please refill”
“Ok Google, start discharge process for bed 101”
“Ok Google, clean the maternity ward”
“Ok Google, clean bed 101”
“Alexa, turn the lights on/off in my room”
“Alexa, turn on/off the TV”
“Alexa, turn on/off the air conditioner”
“Alexa, turn on/off the heat”
“Ok Google, pull the curtains”
“Ok Google, lower the blinds”
“Ok Google, raise my bed /lower my bed slightly”

Other VoiceDoc Features

Role Identification – There will be a unique PIN generated for each of the Doctors, Nurses and Dietitians. They will have to enter their PIN to interact with Alexa or any other voice assistant to give voice commands.

Data Security -All the voice interactions are processed through Amazon Alexa’s
Voice Cloud Server or the respective voice assistant’s corresponding ecosystem. With this, the voice interactions remain as anonymous and no vendor (like VoiceDoc for that matter) will be able to keep a track of the interactions or any other confidential data mapped to a user.

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