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Pragmatic Voice can help you Create an Alexa skill for your Business

Consulting Services for Alexa Skills

All the consulting part behind the whats and hows of getting an Alexa Skill developed will be handled seamlessly by Pragmatic Voice.


Get a Alexa Skill Developed

Have decided to get an Alexa skill developed for your business? Trust us with it, we will handle the project end-to-end smoothly.


We can help you Develop Alexa Skills

We have a team of expert Alexa Skill full stack Developers that can develop as per your business idea and according to Alexa’s policy guidelines.


This is How Alexa Skills can help your Business

  • Be it eCommerce, retail, hospitality or banking, Alexa adds an extra sales channel for your business.
  • Just what your website does for your customer, will your voice app do, provide information.
  • Alexa can be used to control smart devices at your home and in your office with voice commands
  • Introduction of Alexa in gaming makes them more interactive.
  • Alexa can be used to automate retirement homes for better care.
  • Alexa doubles up as an efficient emergency assistant.
  • With Alexa, you get the flexibility to create multiple solutions for home and business.

How we Develop Alexa Skills?

Pragmatic Voice is blessed with an Army of super experienced Alexa Skill developers who have deep domain knowledge and are adept with the last technology stack for Alexa Skill Development. Our Alexa Skills developer are super enthusiastic to empower your businesses with voice.

Developing a Alexa Skill Voice Strategy

Alexa skill development process varies based on the needs of your business. It starts with developing a voice strategy. A voice strategy is developed based on the business requirements taken in by our team after a thorough discussion with you. In this discussion, our Alexa skill development team will take you through a series of questions that’ll identify your business opportunity. Post this, we define the feature set of your potential Alexa skill.

Alexa Skill Voice Design Process

In this process, our Alexa skill developers will carefully craft the desired voice user experience flow to create a rich and natural voice user interface (VUI). Besides, our Alexa Skills developer will also work to identify the key Alexa skill technologies to ensure your Alexa skill not only works smart, and as per requirement.

Alexa Voice Skill Testing

After the Alexa developers complete the skill development, there is a thorough testing process carried out to ensure the skill interacts as naturally and seamlessly as possible and delivers what it is made for – deliver great voice experience.

Hosting your Alexa Voice Skill

Our team of Alexa Skill developers will help you in building and hosting your skill(s) on the cloud.

Launching Alexa Skill

When your Alexa skill is ready and tested, our Alexa skill developers will help you in submitting it your Alexa skill for certification and once it passes the Amazon’s testing parameters, it will be published in the Alexa Skills Store.

Things you can say

Here are some things your guests can ask Alexa. First, be sure to say,

Alexa, ask the hotel where is the Gym?
Alexa, ask the hotel what is the timing for Breakfast?
Alexa, ask the hotel what is my checkout time?
Alexa, ask the hotel what is my Wifi Password?
Alexa, How much did I spend at Amazon last week?
Alexa, What are my recent transactions?
Alexa, Where did I spend my money?
Alexa, How much did I spend last weekend?
Alexa, what is price of Samsung Galaxy S8?
Alexa, tell me some reviews of Samsung Galaxy S8?
Alexa, what are the features of Samsung Galaxy S8?
Alexa, Please add Samsung Galaxy S8 to my wishlist
Alexa, what's my Flash Briefing?
Alexa, what's in the news?
Alexa, Find me an article on Bitcoin
Alexa, What is the sports news?
I want to order Veg Pizza
I want a king size chicken burger
I want two extra large pizzas
I want one medium size burger with 2 fries

Our Alexa Skills Development Portfolio

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