“Alexa, how much it costs to fly from Charlotte to Montreal”

Voice assistants, be it Amazon Alexa or Google Assistant, can now help you in booking your next vacation.

Why Hassle over Travel Planning when you’ve got Voice Assistants

Get Details for your Upcoming Trips

Procuring details and managing your upcoming trips became super easy with Voice Assistants

Check your Flight Status

Tracking the status of your specific flight and location becomes easy with Voice Assistant by your side.

Book a Rental Car

Use the voice assistant to book a rental car to drop you off at the airport. All with your voice.

Things you can say

Here are some things your guests can ask the voice assistants. First, be sure to say,

“Alexa, Search flights from Mumbai to Montreal next weekend”
“Ok Google, Book the 12am Delta flight from Mumbai to NewYork”
“Hey Siri, What is the flight fare from Rome to Paris?”
“Hi Bixby, where can I travel to in November for under 15000 Rupees?”
“Alexa, what is the flight status for SpiceJet 474?”
“Ok Google, by how much time is SpiceJet 474 delayed?”
“Hey Siri, track the real-time status of SpiceJet 474”
“Hi Bixby, Tell me the status of my connecting flight”
“Alexa, What is current ticket rate for a flight to Pune?”
“Ok Google, which is the cheapest flight to SanFrancisco from NewYork”
“Hey Siri, tell me rates of business class of Delta A330?”
“Hi Bixby, is there any deal going on flights to Charlotte?”
“Alexa, search cabs near me”
“Ok Google, book cab to NewYork airport”
“Hey Siri, tell me rates of luxury car rental to the airport”
“Hi Bixby, is there any deal going on car rental”


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