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How to Improve Guest Experience by using Voice Assistant in Hotel Rooms

How to Improve Guest Experience by using Voice Assistant in Hotel Rooms

Voice Tech Insights

Voice Tech Insights Ep#1
We are in a Voice ERA

Voice Tech Insights Ep#2
CES 2018 Amazon Alexa VS Google Assistant

Voice Tech Insights Ep#3
Voice Commerce

Voice Tech Insights Ep#4
How to choose the right Smart Speaker

Voice Tech Insights Ep#5
Smart Speakers

Voice Tech Insights Ep#6
Voice Payments Google and Amazon Pay

Voice Tech Insights Ep#7
Top 7 Voice Design and Skill Building Tools

Voice Tech Insights Ep#8
Why you should have a Voice Presence?

Voice Tech Insights Ep#9
Alexa for Hospitality

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Bookings & repeat customers rose by 230% & operational costs reduced by 38%

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