Guest Room Tablets: How to Pick the Best One?

Selecting a guest tablet for hotels provider may seem intimidating, but it is simpler than expected by keeping in mind a few key points for consideration – experience, cost and ROI, reliability and guest satisfaction.

Not many vendors excel at all of these points at the same time.

You want to find a company that has built the platform (including hardware) completely from the ground up, specifically with hotel in mind.

This means that they have worked through most of the initial challenges of developing a great product, understands how to keep costs low with a high ROI to hotels, and understands the guests needs intricately to ensure consistent satisfaction.

What are the most important features of guest room tablets?

Ease of Use: Does the in-room tablet have a help button? Is it intuitive to use. An easy to use user interface is absolutely key to improving the guest experience

Bespoke Hardware: Only bespoke hardware designed for Hotel room should be considered in in-room tablets. Consumer devices are not fit for purpose in a Hotel bedroom. There are few suitable docking devices, charging options are often stolen and they include external ports to encourage hacking. Also – designs change too often.

Remote Support: Monitoring & remote software update capability is imperative when choosing a vendor. Imagine being asked to send someone to every room to update the tablets software? When tablets are “hidden” in a hotel room they are not easy to access by hotel staff if they need to be updated. Your vendor must therefore have developed Android OS and remote support capability.

Statistics and Dashboard: Tablet’s can provide a window into the guest activities, so effective statistics and reports by your chosen vendor is extremely important.

What makes great guest room tablets?

The ROI can vary based on the type and size of hotel as well as services offered, but nearly all hotels that have installed in-room tablets report a positive and measurable ROI, typically in excess of 300%. The combination of in-room cost savings, optimization of staff and expanded revenue streams all great contribute to the ROI of in-room tablet systems.

Make sure that you choose an in-room tablet solutions that is easy to install. Some companies will deliver tablets ready to be plugged in and connected to the wifi. It is best to choose a tablet supplier that offers their services via the cloud and 24/7 remote support for the rare occasions there is an issue with the system.

Hotels need to be in control of the content, once it has been set up by the vendor. It’s imperative that hotels can update their own content on the tablet when the need arises.

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