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About Voice App Development at Pragmatic Voice:

Pragmatic Voice provides bespoke voice development services and is one of the pioneers to develop smart conversational voice apps for Alexa, Google Assistant supported devices. Our team of voice app developers are AWS certified. Our code is highly stable and is developed using the best practices in voice technology development.

Some of our Voice Apps Include:


You can check your Train PNR Status easily with the Amazon Alexa skill developed by Pragmatic Voice. You can also check if the seats are confirmed or not, check the seat number and the berth details.

You have to invoke the PNR skill by saying, "Alexa, Open Indian Railways" or “OK Google, Open Indian Railways” and after the skill greets you, simply read out your 10 digit Train PNR number without a pause. The device will fetch the PNR details and reply the status.

Coming Soon :

  1. Get information on train arrival status on different stations
  2. Train Coach position

Supported Languages

  • English (AU), English (CA), English (GB), English (IN), English (US)

Odoo Voice App

Odoo Voice is a new voice feature integrated with Odoo where one can easily work with Odoo using simple voice commands. Odoo voice provides you with a personal assistant Lisa who is proactive and always ready to help with simple voice commands. It works on Amazon Alexa, Google Assistant, iOS and Android. You can listen to the audio responses from any of these devices.

You can get details about meeting, sales, projects, or users with no tasks, by just using voice. It enables the option of hands free and eyes free interaction, for getting any kind of information from Odoo.

Supported Languages

  • English (AU), English (CA), English (GB), English (IN), English (US)

eCommerce App

Now you can sell your products online using the power of voice commerce. With this, eCommerce companies can integrate their Magento, Woocommerce, Shopify based or any shopping sites with Amazon Alexa and start selling using voice. Not just shopping, but you can also do product searches, product recommendations and ordering and reordering via our voice commerce app.

Shopping cart features like adding product to cart, removing product from cart, clearing shopping cart, abandoned cart, show shopping cart and product ordering can be easily done. Also, any payment gateway can be easily integrated.

Food Ordering App

Guests will be able to order food from the comfort of their hotel rooms with our Food Ordering App. All the menu items, their descriptions, ingredients, special offers for the day, special dish of the day can be fetched from the existing hotel software/POS for the guests to know. It also takes up combined orders like a food and beverage together, while it is smart enough to suggest some accompaniments based on the order.

The guests can order three items at a given time, and their order will be stored for future reference for a given user. If the same user returns to the hotel, his email ID will be mapped and the voice assistant will be able to give food recommendations based that specific customer’s previous order.

GuestVoice Hotel Concierge App

Hotel Concierge can be implemented in hotels for bringing about voice based automation for guests when it comes to placing concierge requests or for room automation. Your guests will simple have to use the wake word to activate the voice assistant and shoot their voice command.

Be it asking about the hotel wi-fi password or the gym timings to places to visit around the hotel or say turning on the AC, drawing the curtains or switching the lights off, GuestVoice can be used for almost unlimited possibilities. It is based on Amazon Alexa and Google Home range of products.

Gift Assistant App

This skill helps in finding the perfect gift recommendations for friends (colleagues, neighbors, GF, BF) and relatives (mom, dad, uncle, brother) etc. Helps in finding gifts based on occasions like birthdays, anniversaries, weddings for friends and relatives.

Radio World (in development)

This skill is developed to play radio and podcast from different regions. User from different regions can select options for listening to radio or podcast. Based on the selection we suggest different radio stations or different podcast episodes to hear from.

We can save the last radio station or podcast episode heard by user, so that when a user comes back, we ask them whether they want to continue listening to the same station, or if they want to listen to some other radio or podcast.

Auto Search (in development)

User can search for different make and models of the cars. User can search for new or used cars. If a new or used car is not available based on the users search, recommendation for the closest match results will be provided to the users.

Images of the vehicles can be viewed on Alexa app. Users can enter and update their zip code and search radius. Personalized responses i.e. Alexa will say the user’s name when the skill is invoked.


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