“Alexa, ask Bank, what’s my balance?”

From tracking your spending to making a payment, you can manage your Bank accounts through any Amazon Alexa-enabled devices, including the new Echo Show.

Manage your Bank accounts simply using your voice

Bill Payments

Find out when your next bill is due, and then pay it with a single voice command.

Expense Checking

Stay on top of your spending by asking Alexa for the most recent transactions on your accounts.

Balance Checking

Quickly check the balance of your bank, credit card, auto or home loan accounts.

Things you can say

Here are some things your guests can ask Alexa. First, be sure to say,

"How much did I spend at Amazon last week?"
"What are my recent transactions?"
"Where did I spend my money?"
"How much did I spend last weekend?"
"Tell me what I spent on Tuesday"
"What's the balance on my credit card?"
"Pay my credit card bill"
"What's the due date for my credit card bill?"
"What's my account summary?"
"Pay my statement balance"
"How much money do I have in my savings?"
"What's my checking account balance?"
"What's my savings account balance?"
"When do I have to pay my auto bill?"
"How much is my next car payment?"
"What's my 10-day payoff quote?"
"What's the principal on my auto loan?"
"Pay my auto loan bill"
"What's the due date for my auto loan?"
"When is my mortgage due?"
"Pay my mortgage"
"What's the principal on my mortgage?"
"How much is my next mortgage payment?"

Banks using Alexa



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