“Pragmatic Voice can Develop Samsung Bixby Capsules (Voice Apps) for You”

Let your Customers interact with your Business via Voice Commands on Samsung Bixby Voice Assistant

Pragmatic Voice can Create Bixby Capsules (Voice Apps)

Bixby Voice App Consulting Services

All the consulting part behind the whats and hows of getting Bixby Voice Commands developed will be handled seamlessly by Pragmatic Voice.

Get Bixby Voice App Developed

Have decided to get a Bixby Voice App developed for your business? Trust us with it, we will handle the project end-to-end smoothly.

Hire a Bixby Capsule Developer

We have a team of expert Bixby Developers that can develop as per your business idea and according to Samsung’s policy guidelines.

Features that make Bixby Voice Assistant stand out from the Crowd

  • Any user can call Bixby while any application is running. In this case, the assistant will “understand” how the application is used in a particular case. Bixby can recognise the state that the app is in and take the right actions based on your requests, also letting you mix voice or touch.
  • Bixby copes with the implementation of incomplete commands perfectly. It performs the voiced tasks first and only then redetermines necessary information. Thus, users do not have to keep in mind the exact pronunciation of requests constantly. It significantly simplifies device control.
  • Many voice assistants require pronunciation of a special phrase so that they can understand you. As for Bixby, this program understands speech. In some rare cases, the assistant can ask the interlocutor again.
  • The Bixby system takes user interaction with mobile gadgets to an utterly new level. In fact, it will replace touch control completely.
  • Bixby assistant is able to recognize not only things in photos that can be bought in the store (by barcodes). Bixby voice assistant is able to recognize any object that can become interesting to the client. Assistant tries to find information about a particular object immediately. Even if the data is submitted in a foreign language, the program performs immediate translation.
  • Available on smartphones Galaxy S8/S8+/S9/S9+/A/A+/Note8 and Samsung with Android OS 8.0 and higher. Users have to enable GPS for services that require location information. Bixby is intended not only for obtaining valuable information. This is a worthy alternative to the touch interface of popular applications.
  • Bixby can learn individual voices, so it will personalise answers depending on who asks. Samsung said it “learns, evolves, and adapts” to you. They also said that “Bixby will be able to do just about everything you can do with an app using touch”.

Features of Bixby Galaxy Home Smart Speaker

  • With Bixby, Galaxy Home delivers a personalized experience while powerful sound by AKG fills the room.
  • Galaxy Home is the only AI speaker that intuitively moves a wave of sound directly toward you when you ask it to. So no matter where you are in the room, you’ll find yourself immersed in sound.
  • Galaxy Home contains six speakers and a subwoofer for surround sound, complete with tuning and audio technology from AKG and Harman — two Samsung-owned companies. There are eight microphones to pick up your voice, even from a distance, when the Bixby voice assistant is called into action.
  • Thanks to a built-in SmartThings hub, Galaxy Home is able to automatically sync with your smart home devices. From turning off lights to locking doors to starting the dishwasher before bed, you can start routines by voice or smartphone with the largest, most open smart-home ecosystem.

How we Develop Bixby Voice Commands?

Pragmatic Voice is blessed with an Army of super experienced Bixby capsule developers who have deep domain knowledge and are adept with the last technology stack for Bixby Voice App development. Our Bixby developers are super enthusiastic to empower your home/ businesses with voice.

Developing a Bixby Voice Strategy

Bixby voice capsule development process varies based on the needs of your business. It starts with developing a voice strategy. A voice strategy is developed based on the business requirements taken in by our team after a thorough discussion with you. In this discussion, our Bixby development team will take you through a series of questions that’ll identify your business opportunity. Post this, we define the feature set of your potential Bixby voice app.

Bixby Commands Voice Design

In this process, our Bixby developers will carefully craft the desired voice user experience flow to create a rich and natural voice user interface (VUI). Besides, our Bixby developer will also work to identify the key Bixby development technologies to ensure your Bixby commands not only works smart, but as per your requirement.

Bixby Commands Testing

After Bixby developers complete the command development, there is a thorough testing process carried out to ensure the commands interact as naturally and seamlessly as possible and delivers what it is made for – great voice experience.

Hosting your Bixby Commands

Our team of Bixby developers will help you in building and hosting your command(s) on the cloud.

Launching Commands

When your Bixby commands are ready and tested, our Bixby developers will help you in submitting your Bixby voice commands for certification and once it passes Samsung’s testing parameters, it will be ready for you to use.

Things you can say

Here are some things you can command your Bixby Voice Assistant to do. First, be sure to say,

Hi Bixby, what’s the song that goes “I travel the world and the seven seas” Hi Bixby, play the new album by Troye Sivan Hi Bixby, play something chill
Search for music by lyrics. Play music by artist, song, or album. Play music by mood or genre.
Hi Bixby, play Today’s Hits Hi Bixby, play the latest Oprah podcast Hi Bixby, set a 45-minute timer for lasagna
Play Apple Music playlists or your own. Listen to your favorite podcasts. Set and control multiple timers.
Hi Bixby, where’s my iPhone? Hi Bixby, text Sofia “I’m running late” Hi Bixby, turn on the kitchen lights
Locate your iPhone, iPad, or MacBook with a ping. Send and listen to messages. Control your HomeKit accessories.
Hi Bixby, play NPR news Hi Bixby, what’s my first meeting today? Hi Bixby, I want to order a pizza
Get the news. Manage your Calendar events. Order Food and Drinks


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