“Alexa, I want to buy a Used Car”

New or Used, now you can buy any type of car, any model, any year by just giving a voice command to Alexa.

Buy a New or Used Car of Different Make and Models Using Your Voice

Search for New or Used Cars

Based on your needs, you can ask Alexa to tell you from an inventory of new and used cars.


Search for Different Make and Models

Not just new or used, you can ask Alexa to browse you through different makes and models of cars.


Search Cars based on Area Code

Based on your area code & search radius, you will be suggested cars which are near you for easy pick up.


Things you can say

Here are some things your guests can ask Alexa. First, be sure to say,

“Alexa, Open Auto Search”
“Alexa, I’m looking for a used car”
“Alexa, I’m looking for a used BMW”
“Alexa, I’m looking for a 2016 BMW”
“Alexa, tell me the next model”
“Alexa, Next model”
“Alexa, next model in BMW”
“Alexa, next model in Used 2015 BMW 3 Series”
“Alexa, change my zip code”
“Alexa, change my search radius”
“Alexa, change my zip code and search radius”
“Alexa, next image”
“Alexa, show me the next image”


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