“Alexa, what is the deal of the day?”

Get general information about products, recommendations to buy. Order. reorder and other store policy information.

Add a Voice Commerce Channel to your existing E-Commerce business

Product Information

Give your buyers information on products and features.

Customer Service Requests

Give your buyers access to return policy, shipping status, return and refund status.


Daily deals offers could be played in a briefing. Alexa could recommend some new and interesting products.

Things you can say

Here are some things your guests can ask Alexa. First, be sure to say,

Alexa, what is price of Samsung Galaxy S8?
Alexa, what is price of Sugar?
Alexa, what are the features of Samsung Galaxy S8?
Alexa, Please add Samsung Galaxy S8 to my wishlist
Alexa, What is the status of my order?
Alexa, Please cancel my order
Alexa, What is the return policy?
Alexa, What is my refund status?
Alexa, What are the deals of the day?
Alexa, I need a recommendation on gift for a friend
Alexa, I need a recommendation for mobile phone under $200
Alexa, I need recommendation on Smart TV under $1000



E-commerce and Retail Companies Using Alexa



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