Touchless Hospitality Solutions

With the outbreak of Covid-19, all industries have been hit hard, but the impact on hospitality has been the greatest. With a lot of concerns regarding health and safety around hospitality services, guests would also want assurance that hotels are taking the right measures for their safety with reference to sanitisation, social distancing, minimal contact and to make the premises sterile and germ-free to help prevent the spread of the coronavirus. These uncertain times have caused customers to mostly turn to trusted and renowned brands, who provide their guests with unparalleled experience and utmost satisfaction keeping all the hygiene and safety standards in place.

Necessity is truly the mother of invention. As the whole world is battling the pandemic, so are companies striving hard to come up with innovative solutions to sustain in the new normal. Though cleaning surfaces regularly and sanitation solutions are the most easily achievable and widely employed strategies, it is no surprise that there is an exponentially rising demand for intelligent technology solutions, like touchless technology. Guests’ desire for touchless payments, self check-in and -out and other tech advances is thus increasing.

Coronavirus is here to stay for some time and hence hotels need to remodel their standard operating procedures with their priority towards providing greater care and ensuring safe conditions so that no contamination enters via any route to their valued guests while staying and dining at hotels without them being deprived of any facilities.


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