How IPTV Solutions Can Benefit Hotel and Resort Operators

While businesses in all industries can benefit from using IPTV, the benefits are particularly large for hotels, resorts and other accommodation businesses that need to provide entertainment and useful information to guests.

Deliver Movies and TV shows on Demand
By offering a range of movies and enterprise TV shows for your guests, you can provide a higher quality experience that helps your accommodation business earn higher review scores and win back guests for a stronger retention rate.

Showcase your Facilities, Amenities and more
Using IPTV, you can automatically display information about your hotel facilities on TVs inside guest rooms and public areas, helping your guests learn more about your hotel and advertise your optional extras and upgrades. From spas and care packages to guided tours and more, IPTV can be a great marketing platform for your hotel’s top optional extras.

Share Useful Information with your Guests
Instead of requiring your guests to reach brochures and other content, IPTV lets you put useful information right in front of your guests, letting them familiarize themselves with the area or city in a fraction of the usual amount of time and enhancing the customer experience.

Promote your City’s Top Attractions
IPTV gives your hotel or resorts its own tourism channel for showcasing specific attractions and tourists sights. You can display a photo slideshow or offer a more in-depth look at the sights you think are worth visiting via wireless video transmitter, all in beautiful HD.

Customized Network Systems
IPTV network systems can be specifically custom made to meet the different demands of the hospitality and hotel market. Whether it’s a humble boutique guest house, top class 5 star hotel or a sports arena, IPTV companies can provide a complete selection of tools you need to offer a fully functional IPTV hospitality service to your guests.

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