Comparison Languages Supported on Alexa and Google Assistant

Alexa or Google Assistant, Whose Voice will Power our Future?

Beyond pure brand loyalty, consumers universally claim that their reaction to a particular smart home product derives from the speed and accuracy of its understanding of their speech, and the naturalism of the voice it uses to respond.

Across languages, dialects and accents, consumers want a voice assistant that, both, understands them and speaks to them understandably. The company or companies that continue to invest the most proactively in the development of wide language and accent support will pull ahead in the minds of consumers, cementing their place as the backbone of the future smart home. Once that’s done, it will be much more difficult for new challengers to enter the market without that enormous base of linguistic information already in hand.

Almost four years after launching, Alexa now in 2019 supports English, French, German and Japanese, with Italian and Spanish on the way. Google Assistant is available in 15 languages and plans to double that number by the end of 2019. Assistant even understands when you speak two supported languages interchangeably.

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