Why Choose Pragmatic?

From among the many reasons to choose Pragmatic for Voice app development, below are few noteworthy mentions.

Automatic code generation tools

  • We provide you with a central platform for designing, prototyping, and building voice apps easily, without coding.
  • Our powerful developer interface supports rapid development of advanced interfaces and functional voice app prototypes.
  • Simply drag and drop the blocks and collaborate in real time with your team by exporting the prototype’s code to your developer or publish directly to both Alexa as well as Google Assistant.
  • Save on time and resources to launch skills quickly.

Intent recognition via voice & biometrics

  • We offer customized speech and language solutions i.e. speech recognition, synthesis, and analysis of both, text and audio.
  • We help companies achieve accurate transcription of speech to text via phone calls, voicemails, or natural conversations and also provide excellent text to speech conversion.
  • We create natural language interfaces for your specific application such as robots, heads-up displays, toys, personal assistants, smartphone apps, etc.
  • We can help identify the source of different sounds from a mixed audio sample (running water, barking dogs, gunshots, etc) and use voice analysis to identify the early onset of various diseases like dementia, stroke, depression, etc.

Biomarkers related to Mental Health

  • We have developed HIPAA-compliant tools to identify neurological diseases (like Alzheimer’s, Parkinson’s, etc.) through speech technology by using artificial intelligence and machine learning algorithms to solve various healthcare problems.
  • With our automatic speech recognition and natural language processing techniques, we have the potential to reduce costs, expand remote medical services, provide for screening for a range of diseases, thus resulting in early assessment and diagnosis of diseases as well as improved health, wellness and quality of human life.
  • A multi-language platform is being built to support various international languages.
  • Research is underway for the use of speech and language digital biomarkers, which have the potential to greatly facilitate improvements in medical diagnosis.

Blockchain Data Security

  • With the aim of changing the way healthcare stakeholders manage electronic medical data and interact with clinical care teams, we are employing blockchain technology to ensure end-to-end encryption while adhering to regulatory guidelines and compliance requirements.
  • We empower patients, clinicians, and healthcare organizations globally to access, store and transfer information safely, thus improving care coordination while ensuring data security.
  • With a patient-centric approach, our global population health management software connects doctors, care providers, and consumers within a single, secure platform to create a team that works together to provide the best care.
  • Our users (i.e. patients and healthcare organizations) use the network to rent health information storage space and execute health-specific smart contract payments/transactions.
  • The storage network promises improved data integrity, reduced transaction costs, decentralization, and disintermediation of transparency/trust and directs the healthcare stakeholders to securely manage electronic medical data.

Emotion recognition

  • We provide technology that teaches intelligent objects how to interact with humans to yield a favourable, positive result.
  • Our Emotion Processing Unit (EPU) microchip technology gives objects the capability to feel real human emotions and reflect it in their behaviour.
  • It also delivers an emotion profile graph, by which the objects develop a long-term personality.
  • The EPU is significantly benefiting human-machine interaction, emotional awareness, machine emotional intimacy, AI personalities, machine learning, affective computing, medicine, advertising, and gaming.

Data analytics

  • We help empower decisions with data-driven solutions by providing insights, measurements, and research for voice technology because we believe that behavioral tracking and insights are essential to marketing, product, and strategy teams.
  • We provide a testing platform and panel of testers for generating UX feedback on voice applications, where the developers and designers can test what they’ve built from any target demographic, obtaining insights that let them build user-friendly voice and multimodal experiences.
  • Our solutions (for every stage of voice app development, from prototyping to post-launch refinement) provide granular behavioral data around key consumer interactions, thereby enabling customers to better understand how to draw new and retain existing customers.


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