Voice AI for Radio

Everybody enjoys listening to news, sports, weather, or special programs, but probably one might not be near a radio, or perhaps no longer even owning a radio. But today’s technology can come to the rescue! Your Voice Assistant can turn into a virtual disc jockey and play up your favourite radio stations and broadcasts in your preferred language.

Interactive radio will transform the way people listen to the radio, as users (simply via voice command) will be able to change the station, switch between live radio and catch-up, and tell which shows they like or dislike. It is thought to be the simplest way of listening to one’s favourite radio channel.

Listening to the news is always a top priority for individuals, but most bulletins just spew out all the news in one go. In addition to selecting news categories that matter to you or accessing just quick headlines, users today also have preferences for specific new channels. To make it easy for their customers, smart speakers now also deliver news content (audio or visual, depending on the device) to their users with verbal commands.

Additionally, audiences can ask the skill to play certain genres of music, types of programs, latest news, actual broadcasts, ​podcasts, or even request from thousands of available stations. If more than one station matches your request, Alexa lists the choices and prompts you to say the exact station name/number you want to hear. One can also ask Alexa to recommend a random episode, specific type of program, music genre, news channel or broadcast. If the listener is not enjoying the provided ​option, s/he can ask Alexa to skip it and offer the next best alternative until the user finds the preferred one.

Feeling nostalgic about the old times? Simply ask your Voice Assistant to play for a specific old-time radio program or broadcast – be it the entire days – and walk through the yesteryears memory lane! You can also open up your favourite bygone channel by selecting the specific collection and episode number.

Delivering such an uber-simple, connected and personalized experience provides an easy way for the audience to discover hidden gems from any part of the world and listen to what they want and when they want. Based on user preferences, it would be further easy to enhance the user’s experience by introducing unique advertising propositions.

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