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Amazon’s Alexa for hospitality is the newest attraction in the hotel industry. Hoteliers are extending their brands to the voice-medium in the hopes of higher guest engagement and faster processing of item and service requests.

When this awesome product teams up with HotSOS, it becomes frictionless for the guests to get access to their staff and services.

HotSOS is a cloud-based, service optimization enterprise solution empowering over 70% of global hotel brands in over 70 countries. As part of the Amadeus Service Optimization solutions, HotSOS helped save hotels over $150 million in 2016 by reducing guest incidents, optimizing requests and scheduling preventative maintenance.

The service orders that were manually created within the HotSOS system can now be automatically created using the Alexa Voice commands. With ‘ASK Concierge’ and HotSOS integration, guests in your hotels will be able to create the service orders, just by saying voice commands, using the Alexa Echo Dot device. The service orders can then be assigned to individual staff members by the hotel concierge.

In order to raise a service order, the guests need be provided with a list of commands. If a guest says; “Alexa, Ask the hotel concierge to bring extra towels”. A service order will be raised within HotSOS.


The order once created automatically within the HotSOS system, can be assigned to the staff on shift by the management staff.

A request when raised within HotSOS, will include a memo within which, the request details will be specified.

Similarly, multiple service order commands can be added depending on the hotel’s requirements.

ASK Concierge also supports you to provide general information about the hotel and it’s amenities using the Alexa device. However, this is possible by implementing a different system. This system will have the capability to add any number of commands and the related responses for them.

If a user asks “Alexa, where is the gym located”. The response will be fetched from a helpdesk command system. Any such commands are configurable and can be changed whenever required.

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